The reason people’s opinions of you shouldn’t matter.

People have a right to their opinions, and you have a right to ignore them. Unknown

“Who do people say I am, Jesus asked?” Mark 8vs27

Ever felt like everyone has an opinion of how you should live your life? I had a conversation with my boss the other day. Before our conversation ended, he had already told me what my personality type was (he called me a sandwich personality, like his wife), what career path I need to take and how I could be living my life better. Of course, I was offended. How dare he say that? He barely knew me!

The difference between facts and opinions…

A fact is a piece of information that can be proven. Opinions on the other hand are usually people’s expressions of how they feel about a given situation. Opinions are difficult if not impossible to prove, which makes them difficult to trust.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were an expert at how I should live my life. Please continue whilst I take notes.”

Is it me, or everyone seems to be so opinionated…

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the government, the future, how to have a happy relationship and how to be successful.

My cousin the other day was crying because someone told her she wasn’t ready to get married. The point is, no matter how valuable the other person thought their opinion was, no one had asked them for it!

I understand sometimes we need advice and I am not against giving people advice either. The problem is we think our opinions are so important that everyone needs to listen to them. We think we know what’s best for others, and therefore they should live their lives the way we think they should.

 “Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown your own voice.” Steve Jobs

The only opinion that matters…

It’s interesting that a lot of people had an opinion about who Jesus was and most of those opinions were wrong Mark 8:27-30. Some people thought Jesus was John the Baptist, others thought he was Elijah. Only Peter had a true understanding of who Jesus was, only because God had revealed it to him Matthew 16:16.


People will have an opinion about your life, but none of those opinions is true if they don’t align with Gods will. Most of us are living life holding on to what someone once said about us. Statements like, “You are not beautiful”, “You are so stupid” and “You will never be good enough” are simply people’s opinions.

People’s opinions of you shouldn’t matter, the only opinion that should occupy your mind is what God thinks of you!

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