About me

My name is Nqobile, or Mr.Q as others call me. I’m all about being real and honest about my Christian walk with God to those around me. This blog was a result of many mistakes made in my Christian walk, and my journey to discover who I am, as a man in God. This is not a blog for those who know it all, or those who are perfect. It is also not a blog for those who do not want to learn from others. This is a blog for those who are simply humble enough to help each other grow and learn.

I enjoy the simple stuff. The times well spent laughing with friends committed to building each other up. I also love the outdoors, music, photography and traveling. If I could leave someone feeling better than when I found them, more confident than when they first met me, I think I would have served my purpose in life.

To growing and learning

-Mr Q

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